Chloe B. Watkins • Cello, Vocals. 
Neil Sullivan • Guitar, Vocals. 
Matt North • Bass. 
Jonny Jyemo • Drums. 
Scott Parker Mast • Percussion.




Intuit is a successful little band with a big purpose based in Boulder, Colorado. If you've ever been to an Intuit show...you know. These songs are sound waves organized with intention and love.  This is music to bring us out of our heads and into our hearts. This is music to dissolve separation and bring communities together.   Braiding sounds from many cultures, Intuit weaves an auditory tapestry of  reggae, blues, African poly-rhythm, folk, funk and jazz.  The rootsy groove is fueled by the impeccable rhythm section of drummer Jonny Jyemo, percussionist Scott Parker-Mast, and bassist Julian Yeats. Lyrical prowess and songwriting from guitarist Neil Sullivan and cellist Chloe Watkins display the heart-centered, earth-minded intention to the band’s music.