Chloe B. Watkins • Cello, Vocals. 
Neil Sullivan • Guitar, Vocals. 
Matt North • Bass. 
Jonny Jyemo • Drums. 
Scott Parker Mast • Percussion.

Intuit formed in 2011 in Boulder, CO and began to shape their sound and intentions together on the campus of Naropa University. With roots in reggae, funk, jazz, blues, hip-hop, folk, and world music, the band has developed a distinguishable sound of their own. Their song writing crosses genres with a rich improvisational component that keeps a fresh live energy to their wide repertoire of original music. With heart-warming lulls, climactic peaks, and endless stylistic shape–shifting, Intuit delivers a captivating groove that all can enjoy. Inspired by their shared love for the earth and all her creatures, as well as a dedication to building community and growing together, each song has a message inviting us to go beyond the surface into a deeper sense of knowing. Let the music lift you up and take you in.

“Intuit’s sound could be compared to a bubbling spring that seeps gently out of a fracture in the earths crust. With their passionate groove, conscious lyrics and positive flow; this band will have the ability to do great things when their music makes its way to the people that need it.”—-David Matters, Gipsy Moon

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Intuit (LP)

Here's a taste of our new album for your listening pleasure. The full Intuit LP can be purchased and previewed by clicking this link:

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Heart Compass

by Intuit

Songs by Chloe Watkins and Neil Sullivan
Engineered by Garth West
Recorded at Naropa University Studios
Mixed/Mastered at Immersive Studios

Chloe Watkins - Vocals, Cello
Neil Sullivan - Vocals, Guitar
Jake O'Neal - Bass
Eli Mueller - Percussion
Max Grossman - Drums